Specsavers in Scunthorpes' optician has shown her passion to help others in the local community.

Jasmine Davis, a 19 year old Optical Assistant from Specsavers Scunthorpe, recently caught sight of an elderly gentleman fall and hit his head on the concrete cobblestones below whilst on a driving lesson. Jasmine immediately slammed on the brakes and stopped the lesson, keen to get out and help.


Jasmine quickly realised she knew the man as it was one of her Specsavers customers; a lovely elderly gentleman who Jasmine recalled suffered from severe dementia - she’d dispensed his glasses only a few weeks earlier.

The gentleman was in a bad state, but Jasmine stayed with him and kept him calm until the ambulance arrived. She even managed to remember his name and used it to try and strike a spark of recognition in order to put him at ease.

After ensuring the gentleman was in the safe hands of the ambulance crew, Jasmine went to work to begin her shift. Later that same afternoon, the gentleman - now all bandaged up - came into the store, guided by a neighbour. The neighbour said that he had lost his glasses in some kind of accident and was now struggling to see without them.

The elderly gentleman couldn’t remember anything about the accident, he was in a bad way and clearly needed a family member to help him home, but there were no contact numbers on his file and he couldn’t remember his daughter’s name.

With patience, Jasmine sat him down, held his hand and managed to get the name of a granddaughter - his family could now be contacted and informed of what had happened.

Glad to help

Speaking about the incident, Jasmine said: ‘I cried when he went home, because he still looked so vulnerable. I cried because we were able to help him a little bit and at least make sure he got his new glasses.

'When I saw that he needed help, I knew I had to do what I could. A member of my family has dementia and I know that if they had a fall, I would want to know that someone was around to make sure they were okay.’

Jasmine began her career at Specsavers as an Apprentice, she recently completed the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme and is now studying hard to complete her Certificate 3 (optical) qualification.

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