As February is the month of love and also National Heart Month, Specsavers in Salisbury is urging customers to have their two year eye examinations. 

Not only will you be caring for your vision but a sight test can, in rare cases, pick up wider health concerns that can relate to the heart.

Did you know?

A sight test will check your vision and ensure that your prescription lenses are tailored to your own needs. But the eye examination process also does lots of other things too - it looks for broader health concerns.

The optometrists at the Salisbury store can monitor any changes in your overall eye health. This will include examining your retina and looking for any subtle changes in the blood vessels in the back of the eye. 

The vessel health will tell your optometrist many things for example, if the blood vessel walls are thickening or narrowing the vessels or restricting blood from reaching the retina. Or maybe the eye has become swollen and its function is limited.

Conditions that can be identified

Our eyes are pretty amazing and can tell us lots about our overall health. They can tell the optometrist if you have early signs of glaucoma, a sight loss condition that is preventable. Or early indicators of diabetes can be picked up too.

When it comes to heart health, high blood pressure that has no symptoms can be identified.  Worryingly, every three minutes someone in the UK is struck by a heart attack with around 30% being fatal. Knowing that a simple, quick eye test can spot any potential issues as soon as possible is another strong reason to make sure you have your 2 year appointments at Specsavers in Salisbury.

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