Opticians at Specsaves in Salisbury want to remind local residents how important a 2 year eye examination really is. 

Why every 2 years?

Vsion problems canbe quickly identified and remedied with correct glasses but sometimes, other conditions can be identified.

What your optician looks for?

Anna Dailey, store director at Specsavers in Salisbury offers her insights:  'An eye test can pick up many conditions that a customer may be unaware of. The health of the blood vessels of the eyes can tell us lots of things.  This could be indicators of diabetes where early characteristic changes, such as tiny leaks from damaged blood vessels, raises some concerns.  

'High blood pressure is spotted when we see signs of hypertensive retinopathy. With this condition, the blood vessel walls can thicken, narrowing the vessels and restricting blood flow.

She continues

'In more extreme cases, cancer of the eye evident by melanomas is spotted but in more rare circumstances, we may see ,  extreme swelling of the optic nerves that could indicate that a brain tumour is present.’ 

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Anna reassures that extreme cases of tumours are rare, but still stresses the need for 2 year examinations.  'Just as we know we should visit the dentist every 6 months, an eye test should be on everyone's radar.'

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