A Murdishaw grandmother who visited Specsavers in Runcorn complaining of a dull ache around her eye has thanked the team for ‘saving her sight with their lightning quick reactions’ after routine tests revealed she had a potentially blinding detached retina.

After realising she couldn’t properly concentrate on the till at work, coffee shop worker Kim Malvern, aged 53, popped into the Runcorn Shopping Centre Specsavers on her day off, for a check-up. 

Half an hour later, the team referred Kim to St Paul’s Eye Unit at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery later the same day.

Regular eye checks could save your sight

Kim, who only began to experience any discomfort when she woke up with a pain around her eye socket days before her visit to the store, is now encouraging anyone experiencing similar pains to follow her sight saving example and seek immediate help.

Kim, who is in recovery with the support of her family, said: ‘I went into Specsavers at 11am and I was out of my emergency operation by 6.30pm. It was an extremely emotional and frightening day because you just don’t think these things will ever happen to you. 

‘When the pain got a little worse, I started getting floaters, little passing specks in my vision, but initially I just wrote them off thinking there must have been a fly nearby!

‘I popped into store as it wouldn’t go away. As soon as I told the staff what I was experiencing they were fantastic, especially Charlotte Caldwell, Lynn Connor and Stuart Jones. 

‘They put my mind at ease during my test and phoned the hospital to tell them to expect me immediately. They even helped me contact my daughters to let them know I had to go straight to the Royal.

‘It just goes to show how important acting quickly is, don’t sit on niggling health issues. If anyone experiencing the same discomfort as me reads this I do hope they get it checked out as soon as possible. 

‘You cannot put a price on your health and I’m so glad I went to Specsavers.’

Specsavers recommends everybody visits a trusted and experienced optician at least every two years, or more frequently if they have concerns. Not only will this ensure their eye health remains in optimum condition, it will also help to detect any underlying health problems.

Team support

Store director Chris Graham commented: ‘The entire team here is delighted to hear that Kim’s recovery is going very well. If left untreated, detached retinas can lead to blindness so it’s an extremely serious condition we can identify very easily with a sight test.

‘It is cases like this that highlight the importance of regular eye checks and why it’s vital to get any problems or concerns you may have, no matter how minor they may seem, checked out as soon as possible.

Book an eye test today

‘You only get one pair of eyes so it is important to look after them – if you’ve not had an eye test in the last two years you should make an appointment as soon as possible.’

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