A local gentleman from Rothwell is thankful for the support the staff at his local Specsavers provided after a routine appointment resulted in an immediate referral to hospital.

Eddie Lucas, 75, decided to make a change from his usual opticians and booked a routine eye examination with Specsavers in Rothwell in February this year. Mr Lucas had not suffered from any serious eye problems in the past, but the results from a routine eye pressure assessment indicated he required immediate hospital surgery.

Mr Lucas from Rothwell comments: ‘I tend to get my eyes tested every three to four years and I decided to make a change and visit my local Specsavers as opposed to my usual opticians. I’ve never had any problems with my eyes before, but during the appointment I knew something wasn’t quite right as the optician asked me to stay longer than anticipated so she could run further tests on my eyes.

‘After my eye examination the optician confirmed they were unhappy about the pressure in my eye as it was too high and I needed to go straight to St James Hospital. The Specsavers team were very calm and reassured me throughout the process. They went above and beyond to look after me and even offered to take me to the hospital themselves. I was amazed to find that the consultant at St James Hospital was waiting for me when I arrived – just two hours after first seeing the opticians at Specsavers I was in the consultants care.’

Following a full examination from the consultant at the hospital, Eddie required immediate surgery in order to relieve the pressure in his eyes.

Mandip Rehal, store director at Rothwell Specsavers, comments: ‘We suspected that Mr Lucas had an acute case of Glaucoma due to the irregular pressure in his eyes. However, after he visited the hospital the consultant found that the drainage mechanism in the eye was not releasing the fluid, which had therefore resulted in a build-up of pressure. We’re so pleased that Mr Lucas was able to receive the urgent medical assistance required.

‘Mr Lucas came in to see us for a routine eye examination and it just goes to show how important it is to get your eyes tested on a regular basis. Regular optical checks, at least every two years, can help discover any underlying health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even cardiovascular disease as well as ensuring you have clear comfortable vision. Eye examinations last just 30 minutes and can really help find any early signs of a medical condition.

‘I cannot stress how important it is for people to have their eyes tested regularly - at least every two years. Your eyes are literally the window to your health.’

When asked what advice Eddie would like to pass onto others, he commented: ‘I didn’t think I had anything wrong with my eyes, but I ended up needing immediate eye surgery. If I’d not had my eyes tested, then who knows - within a few months I could have lost my sight.

‘I’d urge more people to go and get their eyes tested. It’s a thing you often neglect as it had been three to four years since my last check-up. I’d like to say thank you to Mandip and the team at Specsavers as the service received was outstanding. I’d certainly recommend more people visit the team in Rothwell.’

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