The team at Rhyl has bid a fond farewell to two popular members of staff, Emily and Maisy Jones, as they leave the store after two years to head off to university.

Offered jobs on the spot

Emily and Maisy were offered jobs at the store at age 16, when they attended an appointment for a contact lens fitting. Store director Shelley Jones saw the potential in them both to be great employees, and offered them both jobs there and then.

We wish them the best of luck

Shelley said, ‘We’re all sorry to see the twins leave the store, but wish them the very best of luck on their next adventure. They have been a wonderful asset and we are sure they’ll do very well at university.

On leaving, Emily and Maisy said: ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for us over these two years! They have been an amazing two years and we’ve met some people that hopefully will stay like family to us forever.'

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