The Retford team has begun supporting a local up and coming golfing talent in a bid to help him achieve his ambitions of becoming a nationally recognised pro golfer.

Retford born Ben Smith, who is 23, has been playing golf since he was 15 and is aiming to eventually become a regular face on the European Tour circuit.

Last year he took part in around 20 UK tournaments and is hoping to do the same this year.

Specsavers Retford is now one of Ben’s main sponsors, as well as providing vital funds they’ll also support him at fundraising events.

Supporting local talent

Retford store director Karen Allan said: ‘Ben’s father is a patient of ours. He always talks about how well Ben is doing and his ambition to become a highly ranked professional golfer.’

When he mentioned that Ben was looking for sponsors to help fund his tour of the UK it seemed like a great opportunity for us to get involved and support local talent, at the same time as raising awareness of eye health in young people.’

Eyesight on par

‘It is a common misconception that eye tests are only about testing your eye sight.’ continued Karen.

‘I’m really keen to highlight the fact that an eye tests can also detect common medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and glaucoma. It’s important for young people to get into the habit of having eye tests to help detect problems earlier on in their lives, but equally, it is just as important for those who are more mature as they’re at a higher risk of those sorts of conditions.’ 

Karen supported Ben at his first fundraising event this year which took place on Wednesday 10 May at Retford Golf Club.

Putt-ing eye health first

Ben said: ‘I’m really grateful to Karen and the team at Retford Specsavers for supporting me in my bid to become a nationally recognised professional golfer. I have 20/20 vision but that doesn’t stop me from having my regular 2 yearly eye test to ensure it stays that way. It’s important that my health is at its best to ensure I can perform all year round.’

Karen has three top tips for maintain good eye health: ‘I tell all of our patients to maintain a good diet, drink plenty of water and remember to have regular checkups every two years.’

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