Did you know that old, broken and unwanted frames can raise needed funds for charity, Vision Aid Overseas?

Reigate asked to donate to raise needed funds
Vision Aid Overseas is a charity that brings the gift of vision to those in developing countries who, unfortunately, do not benefit from the level of services enjoyed by us here in Reigate.  

The charity takes old, broken frames to recycle their parts to raise money.  These funds goes towards training optometrists in developing countries and building vision centres - all of which help to provide a higher level of care in very remote and isolated communities.  

Delighted to play their role
Reigate has long supported the charity and locals have been very generous with their donations over the years.  Says store director, Aashish Shah:  'Without the support of the community, Specsavers would be unable to support the charity to the degree that it already does.

Reigate customers have been very supportive over the years and we are keen to keep this momentum up in 2018.  If you are having a clear out at home, in the office and come by some old frames, simply pop them into our collection box in store, that simple gesture really makes a big difference.'

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