Renowned YouTube vloggers the Saccone-Jolys have helped raise awareness in the importance of regular eyecare following a visit to Specsavers on the back of National Eye Health Week. 

Father and daughter 

Jonathan the father from the famous family-of-four took his four-year-old daughter Emilia to Specsavers in Redhill for her first eye test, which all children are recommended to have by the age of three. While in-store he also underwent a test which determined he needed glasses for the first time. The pair filmed the whole experience to share with their millions of online followers. 

First eye test

Emilia was clearly nervous about her first trip to the opticians, but her reassuring father and the caring team in-store quickly put her at ease. What follows is relaxed and fun time in-store, which is evident from the entertaining film. Emilia's vision is found to be perfect while Jonathan's test revealed he was slightly short-sighted and would benefit from glasses. He chose two pairs before signing off the video with an appeal for everyone to keep on top of their eye health with regular eye tests - optometrists recommend them every two years.

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