The Reading Broad Street store is keen to keep their customers entertained whilst hey wait for their appointments in store.

Pick a card, any card

Magic Leigh a magician local to the area makes an appearance every Saturday and captivates the local residents with his clever tricks leaving them feeling like they really do need to get their sight tested!


Magic Leigh would label his style as classical with a modern approach. The tricks are performed are fun, comical and have a few twists along the way. Residents familiar with Leigh will know that he has many tricks up his sleeve including coins, cards and even borrowed objects from his audience to add a more spell binding touch.

The director says

Store director Don Watts said, ‘What better way to keep them entertained in store than with Magic Leigh. We love having him in store; he’s an honorary member of the team! The local residents just love him, and he’s great with the children and keeping them preoccupied when Mum or Dad need to pay attention to the Optometrist!’

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