A team from Specsavers and the RNIB were enabling Reading residents to view life through the lens of an individual, diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy this Diabetes Awareness Week (11th to 17th June).

Over 250 visitors

Specsavers brought the interactive Eye Pod to Reading on Saturday 16 June as part of an educational campaign tour across the UK. The simulator experience was situated on Broad Street for one day only seeing over 250 visitors finding out how the world around them looked for those suffering from eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. 

Don Watts, store director for Specsavers in Reading – Broad Street, Reading – Shinfield Road said: ‘It was fantastic to see so many people in our community interested in their own eye health as well as others. Many of them had friends or family with one of the conditions and said they found it invaluable to understand just for a few moments what they were going through.

Early detection can save your sight

‘A routine eye examination can pick up early signs of many eyes conditions, including diabetic retinopathy and early detection can help to stave off the effects of not completely prevent any symptoms. That’s why we always recommend seeing an optician at least every two years, and if you feel you might be suffering from any of the symptoms, you should book an appointment immediately.

‘Opticians don’t only check for changes in vision, we look at the overall health of the eye and in very rare cases, can even detect more serious symptoms linked to life-threatening conditions such as a brain tumour.’

The team from Specsavers in Reading –Broad Street were joined by representatives from the RNIB as well as Specsavers Head of Enhanced Optical Services, Irinder Khakha.

For further information on eye health visit www.specsavers.co.uk/eye-health

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