Specsavers in Queensway is keen to remind customers and the local community that they are available to help with eye health conditions in addition to conducting eye tests.

Said Aghabozorg, ophthalmic director, explains one common condition they help customers with - dry eye syndrome. 

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye can cause discomfort to a customer and the common symptoms are an overall feeling of dryness in the eyes, soreness or a gritty sensation. It happens when the eye do not make enough tears or they evaporate very quickly.

The symptoms tend to get worse as the day goes on and some people may find that their eyelids are stuck together when they wake up.  You may also experience temporary blurred vision that improves when you blink.

What can be done to cure it?
When eyes dry out, they can become red, swollen and irritated. Luckily, Queensway's opticians are on-hand to talk through the options.

Eye drops usually solve the problem and there is also new generation of advance formulations (artificial tears) that help to condition the eye's cornea and stay in the eye a bit longer than traditional eye drops.  

To learn more and to find the right solution for you, pop into the Queensway store.

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