A Fulham resident has praised Specsavers in Putney for their ‘professionalism and determination’ in identifying an eye condition that could have permanently damaged his vision.

Company director Julian Sturdy-Morton has thanked the team at Specsavers in Putney for their service while he was experiencing difficulties with his eyesight.

Julian, aged 65, had been seeing shapes – or floaters – in his vision for two consecutive days and booked an appointment at Specsavers Putney on 2 March, where he was seen by optometrist Reeken Patel.

Following an eye test and consultation, Reeken became concerned about a tear he had seen in Julian’s right eye and immediately referred him to the Moorfields Eye Centre at St George’s Hospital. After being reassessed at the hospital on the same day, Julian was told the tear was at risk of becoming a detached retina and immediately underwent laser treatment to repair the damage.

On the mend

Julian, who is founder of A Bit of TLC – ‘a vibrant social club of no fixed abode’ – has since been recovering at home. While the vision in his right eye has deteriorated slightly since the surgery, he says this could have been a lot worse without the help of Reeken and the Specsavers Putney team.

‘I was told that had this not been caught in time, there was a high risk that I could have lost my sight in one eye,’ said Julian. ‘But thanks to Specsavers, I had my eye appointment at 2pm and I was walking out of the hospital after surgery at 5:45pm the same day.

‘I was impressed with the service I received from the team, especially from Reeken, who was so calm, informative and determined that there was no scope for me to panic. He is a real credit to Specsavers.’

Professional service

Reeken said: ‘When the results of Julian’s test came back, it was clear that he needed to get the tear treated straight away or risk further damage to his eye. I was very pleased to help and glad to hear the surgery was a success.’

Sukveer Orjela, store director at Specsavers Putney, said: ‘It’s great to get such positive feedback from one of customers and we’re really proud of the work carried out by Reeken.

‘Eye tests are not just for helping you find the right pair of glasses – they can also be used to detect serious health conditions such as high blood pressure and even tumours. We would encourage everyone to have regular eye tests, which can help detect these conditions from an early stage.’

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