The Specsavers team at Putney prides itself on caring for its customers, and one such accolade is its status as a 'Dementia Friendly' store.

Colleagues wear Dementia Friend badge with pride

Each year, the Alzheimer's Society aims to create a better understanding of dementia.   Dementia Awareness Week, that runs from the 14-20 May, is one way to encourage businesses like Specsavers to be better equipped to help those living with Dementia.

The Putney store has committed to train all its employees and already has three colleagues who are classed as 'Dementia Friends.'  This signals to customers that they have a greater understanding of dementia and by wearing their 'Dementia Friend' badge, customers know they can turn to an empathetic staff member for help.

Why Specsavers Putney supports this initiative

People living with dementia commonly experience problems with their sight and visual perception, causing them to misinterpret the world around them. Some sufferers can experience hallucinations.

On top of that, research has revealed that almost half of dementia patients in care homes are wearing glasses with the wrong prescription, leading to increased isolation and confusion.

For more information about the initiative, do pop into the store. 

The team would welcome the opportunity to chat to anyone who would like to learn more.

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