The Poole Pirates Speedway Team has geared up for the new season and they’re already soaring ahead in the league table.

Unbeaten home games

The team has recently extended its unbeaten home form to 15 matches, having won against Lakeside, Swindon and Coventry already this month.

Specsavers in Poole is a proud sponsor of the Poole Pirates and the store is continuing to support their favourite speedway team in the new season.

Full support for the team

Specsavers Poole store director, Tim Bennett said: ‘The Pirates have gotten off to a fantastic start for this new season.

‘With three wins already, they’re well on the way to catapulting themselves to the top of the league table. At Specsavers, we fully support them as always and wish them the best of luck for the season.’

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