February is National Heart Month, and keen to remind customers that a simple eye examination can pick up wider health issues that relate to heart health is the team from Specsavers in Poole.

The importance of an eye tests

We all know that a sight test checks our vision. But many do not know that optometrist is checking the overall health of the eye and can detect indicators of other health issues during the examination.

Conditions such as high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can be a warning sign of heart problems and can be visible during a routine test. When an optometrist exams the retina of the eye,  they can spot small changes to the blood vessels located at the rear of the eye.

This subtle changes may show that the blood vessel walls are thickening or narrowing the vessels and restricting blood from reaching the retina. In some cases, the eye becomes swollen and its function is limited.

Some heart health facts

High blood pressure is often symptomless so we can be unaware we are suffering from it. It is a condition that affects one in three adults and every three minutes, someone in the UK is struck by a heart attack with around 30% being fatal.

The retina a window to our overall health, and underlying health problems can be picked up beyond simply identifying vision loss. People are advised to have a sight test every two years and children are encouraged to have their first visit to the store from the age of three upwards.

If you haven't seen your opticans in sometime, our friendly team here at Specsavers in Poole will be happy to book you in for your eye examination.

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