Specsavers in Petersfield is helping schoolchildren and teachers in Hampshire stay safe this winter by donating 95 hi-visibility jackets to Petersgate Infant School.

The store presented 90 child-sized and five adult-sized jackets to the school to ensure pupils remain visible to drivers during the longer nights.

Specsavers Petersfield assistant store manager Dan Theckston paid a visit to the school to hand over the jackets to head teacher, Julie Cook, and gave pupils and teachers the chance to try them on for themselves.

Mrs Cook says: ‘Petersgate prides itself on providing children with opportunities to take part in many off-site visits throughout the year and their safety is always our primary concern.

'These hi-vis jackets are really going to help the children stand out and stay safe and we are really grateful to Specsavers for presenting us with so many jackets– particularly as our school is growing and we have many more children!’

Stay visible, stay safe

The presentation follows on from Specsavers stores around the UK lending their support to Road Safety Week, an annual initiative established by charity group Brake encouraging schools and communities to take action on road safety.

Specsavers Petersfield store director Jo Cox says: ‘With longer nights over winter, it’s vital that children remain safe and visible while they’re outside.

'We’re determined to educate more people about road safety, so we were delighted to donate the hi-vis jackets to Petersgate Infant School for children and teachers to wear during school or club activities.’

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