Specsavers in Penrith has undergone an £140,000 digital makeover – bringing state-of-the-art eye test technology and audiology services to the community.

All the store’s test rooms have received a full clinical upgrade and the branch now features a bespoke, soundproof audiology room where a free, three minute hearing service will be offered to customers.   

Designed for optimum comfort

The waiting area now features a patient lounge designed for optimum comfort, the dispense area has been updated to ensure privacy and embraces Specsavers’ unique iHarmony model, which ensures customers have a seamless and stress-free journey through the store. A specialist contact lens area has been installed to provide coaching to first time contact lens wearers.

The Penrith store has also extended its frame range to give customers more choice while shopping in a modern and inviting retail space.

Cutting-edge equipment

Next year, the store will be installing an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine – a cutting-edge piece of equipment, usually found in hospital eye departments. The technology produces a structural scan of the eye, including layers of the eye that would not normally be visible using traditional eye testing techniques.

The results are similar to an ultrasound or MRI scan, in that it creates multiple scan slice images that are built up to form a total image. The OCT machine uses a totally safe, laser light source and not x-ray-type radiation.

Peter Walker, retail director of the Penrith store, said: ‘The digital makeover, including the implementation of an electronic queue management system, will create a faster and more enjoyable service for our customers – along with the imminent arrival of our OCT machine.

‘I’m extremely excited about this substantial investment in the store’s future. Myself and Michael Baker, ophthalmic director, have a combined experience of close to 70 years in the optical industry and we hope to bring all our knowledge into delivering the best service in both the clinical and retail side of Specsavers.’

A new lease of life

Dispensing optician and trainee contact lens optician Natasha Hannon said: ‘It's lovely to be able to work in such a modern environment and the store feels like it has had a new lease of life. The newly refurbished contact lens area provides a clean, clinical and bright area for us to support people when they first start wearing lenses.

'Contact lenses are a rapidly growing industry and one that we take great pride in being able to offer at Specsavers.’

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