With health issues being such a concern at the moment, it was only understandable that a local Peckham customer was grateful for the time that Pratik Patel took this week to look after her daughter. 

The mother came in with her daughter as she was worried about the chalazion in her eye. 

Eye health explained 

Pratik was able to give the little girl a full check-up and reassure her mother what needed to be done for a chalazion. 

The customer was really appreciative that Pratik took the time to carefully explain everything and left feeling calmer and knowing more about the issue.

Caring for the community

Pratik says: 'It can often feel daunting to be told about an eye condition that you don't fully understand. At Specsavers in Peckham, we are happy to work with customers and explain their eye health needs to them in a way that's clear.'

'The community is our priority, so if you have any eye health concerns, particularly during this difficult time, book an appointment online and come to see us. We will always be happy to help.'

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