A member of staff at Specsavers Peckham has undertaken additional training in order to help support customers with autism.

Developmental disability

Helen Ibar, Peckham's in-store trainer and deputy store supervisor, undertook the training recently, aiming to build her knowledge about the developmental disability and, in doing so, improve the customer experience for people with autism. 

The online learning modules give participants the knowledge to help communicate with people with autism and give great insight into the effects that autism can have on an individual's senses, namely their eyes and ears.

Great insight

Helen says: 'Autism affets more than one in 100 people and as our store is such a big part of the community, it's vital that we're able to communicate and support someone with the condition in the most effective way possible.

'I've learned a great deal from the training and will now look to pass this knowledge onto the rest of the team so they are able to provide the best standards of customer experience possible.'

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