We were extremely grateful to hear how one of our staff members helped a customer by detecting a serious eye condition:

I recently visited your Peckham store for an eye test. As far as I was concerned I did not have any eye problems and was just going for a routine check up.

Eye swollen with fluid

One of your opticians at the store called Radhika Radia, discovered I had a problem in my left eye which was swollen with fluid, and she explained how important and urgent it was for me to visit Moorfields eye hospital straight away, she also wrote a letter to take with me to the hospital.

I was scared and reluctant to go at first but she reassured me and even helped with directions to ensure that I went on the same day. She also comforted me and asked me to phone her after my hospital visit to let her know how I got on. I was seen at Moorfields as an emergency basis and underwent various tests for the entire day and the following day.

Macular degeneration detected

My results showed that I had macular degeneration which Radhika had initially thought was the case.

Radhika went above and beyond her duties so I don't want this to go unnoticed and I hope that she will get some kind of recognition for her dedication and compassion. On my part I am eternally grateful. It has also made me realise just how important eye tests are and the brilliant job that you do.

Senay, Peckham

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