Specsavers Palmers Green have recently improved their glaucoma management skills in order to be able to better serve customers with the condition.

Some of the team at the Green Lanes store have taken a new training course designed by the International Glaucoma Association and Specsavers which is focused on how help sufferers make sure eye drops supplied to treat glaucoma are administered properly.

Common eye condition

Glaucoma is a common eye condition, which can affect people at any age – but is more likely to affect older adults.

The condition is the leading cause of irreversible sight loss.

A word from the store director

Jaswinder Singh Nagra, store director in Palmers Green, said: 'The most common type of glaucoma, primary open angle glaucoma, is often treated with eye drops – although laser treatment or surgery may be offered if the drops are not effective.

‘Eye drops have to be used as directed, even if your vision seems fine. They can sometimes cause some eye irritation, but using them is essential to protect your sight.

‘If you have glaucoma and need a little help learning how to apply your eye drops effectively, or any advice on the condition, why not come and see us in store for some support.’

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