Jaswinder Singh Nagra leads a team of optical professional at Specsavers in Palmers Green.

35-year-old store director and optometrist, Jaswinder has been with Specsavers for 13 years and is dedicated to providing quality optical care in the community.

A calling heard

He was driven to study optometry when he witnessed people with little or no access to eyecare services in India, where he lived for the first ten years of his life, before moving to the UK.

Jaswinder said: ‘I went into optics with a desire to help make a difference to people’s lives. To be able to do this on a daily basis in my role in Specsavers is very fulfilling.’

Going the extra miles

Every day Jaswinder also sets aside £2, which he saves and donates on regular trips to India to provide eyecare assistance and financial support in impoverished communities.

Jaswinder added: ‘I’m grateful to have the opportunity to meet and help people at home in the UK and abroad. Eyesight is invaluable and I’ve devoted my working life to helping people protect this wonderful gift.’

In his spare time, Jaswinder also enjoys playing and watching cricket.

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