Ann Reither, a bartender and artist from Paignton, has moved one step closer to a £10,000 cash prize in Specsavers’ annual Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition.

Regional finalist

The 21-year-old from Paignton has qualified as a regional finalist in the South West 16–24 age category. She attended a prize giving at Specsavers Paignton where she was awarded a certificate, bottle of champagne and £150 eyewear voucher.

Ann moved to Paignton from the Philippines after enjoying a two week holiday. She first noticed she needed specs two years ago.

Ann said: ‘I‘ve been wearing glasses for a year now but I first noticed problems with my sight a couple of years ago. I was busy taking exams at the time so it took me a year to go to Specsavers. When I got my first pair of glasses, I couldn’t believe the difference it made, especially to my paintings.

Congratulations from the store

‘I thought it was a joke when I received the call to say I had been selected. If I won the £10,000 prize I would pay for my sister who still lives in the Philippines to come and visit because I miss her so much despite talking every day on the phone.’

Karen Stone, Paignton store director, said: ‘We are delighted that Ann has made it through. She has a really bubbly personality and wears her glasses with pride making her a great ambassador.’

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