Specsavers in Otley celebrated the arrival of the major cycling event that came to the Yorkshire region this summer, by offering supporters of the event; hot and cold drinks and cycling themed cakes and sweets.

Peter Rooke, Otley store director comments: ‘We were right on the cycling route, which meant we could see the cyclists as they whizzed past the front of the store. The team spent the whole day handing out free refreshments, cycling themed cakes, sweets and goodie bags for children.’

Reminder for cyclists to have regular eye tests

The team also used the weekend to remind cyclists of the importance of having regular eye and hearing tests. Peter Rooke, Otley store director comments: ‘I’m sure all cyclists know the importance of conducting a spot check on their bike before they set off, but I’m not convinced they’d naturally consider the last time they had their hearing or eyes tested.

‘It’s vitally important that cyclists are fully alert both visually and from an audio point of view to be able to deal with the dangers that present themselves while cycling. I’m sure the event has spurred a lot of people to get back in the saddle, which is why it’s the perfect time to remind people about the importance of being cycle ready.’

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