Specsavers Orpington is keen to remind customers that an eye examination isn’t just to see whether you have 20/20 vision, it’s also a chance to check wider health conditions and residents should therefore put their 2-year eye exams at the top of their ‘to do’ list.

Why the reminder?

June is a time in the annual calendar which consists of a number of awareness weeks and one of the main areas is Diabetes. Wai Leung, store director at Specsavers Orpington is mindful that customers are unaware of the importance of eye examinations in checking for several eye conditions – some of which can increase the risk of going blind. One key indicator could be signs of diabetic eye changes.

How are health concerns picked up in an eye exam?

In Orpington, optometrists are able to conduct digital retinal photography. This is an incredibly clever tool which takes a photograph of the back of the eye – the only part of the body where microcirculation of blood can be directly observed.

It is already included as part of a standard eye test at Specsavers for all patients over the age of 40 and when otherwise deemed necessary by an optometrist.

Want to know more?

If you are due for an eye test and are over the age of 40, pop into Specsavers Orpington for your 2-year eye examination.

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