Earlier this month, the audiology team at Specsavers Orpington recognised the British Tinnitus Association’s Tinnitus Awareness Week, by offering guidance to customers on the effects of the hearing condition.

Kiran Kaur, hearing director at Specsavers Orpington, and also responsible for hearcare services in West Wickham and Sidcup offers his top tips for lessening the effects of tinnitus.

Learn to relax

‘It’s important to be able to switch off from the condition as it’s a vital part of the relief process. Worrying simply causes tension and can worsen the symptoms, whereas learning some relaxataion exercises can provide well needed respite.’

Avoid silence

‘When in a silent area, people’s minds naturally try to listen out for sounds more clearly - including the sound of your tinnitus. I’d therefore recommend trying to increase the level of background noise, either at home or in the workplace, so that you have something else to focus on.’

Stay healthy and active

‘Keeping active is obviously within everyone’s interest but particularly tinnitus sufferers. It’s a really good opportunity to enhance your quality of life and is a fantastic distraction from the condition. You should also consider your diet and regulate what you are eating in order to work out what foods or drinks may aggravate your tinnitus.’

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