Men are more likely to develop hearing loss than women, due to a greater lifetime exposure to noise, a local hearing centre has warned.

Increased risk

A hearing centre in Ormskirk - hoping to target the problem locally - is giving out advice to its male residents about the importance of regular hearing tests.

Studies have shown that men are more likely to develop hearing loss than women because of exposure to noise in the workplace and that there are strong links between hearing loss and depression.* It is estimated that 10 million people in the UK are affected by some form of hearing loss and almost 40 per cent of these people are of working age.**

Importance of hearing tests

Leiza Albison store director at Ormskirk says: ‘Unlike sight loss, hearing loss is a gradual process that may not be noticed until significant loss of aural awareness has occurred. People don’t always appreciate that hearing tests can be as important as eye tests and that regular checks are recommended.’

‘Hearing loss does not just occur in older people and can be the result of external factors, such as working in a noisy workplace like a building site or in a nightclub, and can also be caused by listening to music too loud through headphones.’

Healthier hearing

‘We here at Specsavers encourage men of all ages to overcome any apprehensions they might have and come in to store to get their hearing tested, staff in store will also be giving out helpful tips and advice about keeping their hearing healthier for longer’.

Specsavers hearing centre in Ormskirk is accredited to provide a local free NHS hearing service, from initial assessment through to provision of hearing aids and aftercare for patients over the age of 55. To receive treatment at Specsavers through the NHS patients will first need to see their GP to request a referral to their local store.

*Figures taken from NHS website and can be found here.

** Action on Hearing Loss, Hearing Matters report.

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