A routine eye examination proved to be a sight saver for Graham Smith from Halwill Junction after he visited his optician in Okehampton.

Torn Retina

Mr Smith went in for his regular prescription check. He took home his new glasses but struggled to get used to them so revisited his optometrist, Sam Haithwaite, after one month.

Specsavers Okehampton optometrist, Sam Haithwaite, said: ‘Mr Smith came back to see me as he was having difficulties getting used to his new glasses prescription and reported seeing what we call floaters in his vision.’

I immediately referred Mr Smith to Exeter’s specialist floaters and flashes clinic where they confirmed he had a torn retina in one eye.


Mr Smith said: ‘Sam was great. Both my wife and I were quite nervous and a little scared of what it might be. The doctor explained what a torn retina was and that it could be treated. We left feeling reassured and confident of the treatment.’

Mr Smith visited the clinic in Exeter within 24 hours where he received laser treatment to fix the tear in one eye and precautionary treatment in his other eye.

Mr Smith added: ‘My wife and I travelled by bus to the clinic where they diagnosed the problem and treated me there and then. The laser treatment they performed was pain free and I was home that day. I can’t thank Sam enough for her calm reaction and reassurance.’

‘I sincerely hope more people will keep up with their regular eye examinations. Without seeing Sam I could have suffered much worse consequences. Sam even said possibly with the loss of sight in one eye – prevention really is better than cure.’

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