Visual needs of children and over 60s are often more specialist, and Specsavers in Nottingham has the expertise, customer care and technology to guide patients carefully though their individual optical needs.

Regular tests for overall health

When it comes to maintaining healthy eyes, there is nothing more important than having regular eye examinations.

At Specsavers, we recommend everyone has their eyes tested at least every two years, or more regularly if recommended by an optician, and children should begin regular eye testing before they reach schooling age. Not only does this help to keep vision in check and glasses or contact lens prescriptions up to date, it also provides a good opportunity to spot any other health issues before they become a serious problem.

Technology for detection and diagnosis

Specsavers in Nottingham are equipped with advanced optical technology which is used as a standard part of every eye test in store.

A special digital retinal camera, called a Fundus Camera, plays an important role in the early diagnosis and prevention of many eye conditions, by photographing the back of the eye. Digital retinal photography is offered at no extra cost as part of the standard eye examination service. It can pick up conditions and abnormalities that are otherwise very hard, or even impossible, to detect through other techniques.

Sight for school

For children, not being able to see clearly can be confusing in a busy classroom so a simple sight test can be a crucial factor in their learning and development, especially as the majority of everything they learn in school is presented visually.

We recommend that children have their first sight test by the age of three, before they enter full-time education. This is because many vision problems that commonly affect children, such as lazy eye and squints, can be treated more effectively by an optician the earlier they are detected.

Quite often children will find it tricky to explain any difficulties they are having with their sight, or might not be aware they have a problem at all, making regular eye examinations even more important. For younger children, we use specially designed charts that allow them to recognise shapes or pictures, so we can test their eyes even if they are unable to read.

Vision and age

Specsavers in Nottingham provides specialist care for mature patients, as well as offering a free NHS eye test every two years for those over 60.

As our eyes age, they are more prone to health problems. Opticians at the Nottingham store are fully qualified to diagnose health issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, high blood pressure and diabetes, and minor eye conditions including red eye, dry eye, watering eye.

One issue that older population face is the need for different prescriptions. Our eyesight can change so much that we need specific lenses for long distance and for reading, and Specsavers can produce one pair of glasses that feature both prescriptions.

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