Six staff at the Norwich St Stephens Street store are now fully trained as Dementia Friends thanks to a training programme from the Alzheimer’s Society.

Support and understanding

The training has provided staff with an understanding of dementia, as well as the ability to support customers and employees who are affected by the condition.

Store director Ian Sinha, commented: ‘It’s great to know we now have further qualified team members who are official Dementia Friends.

‘Having a good knowledge of dementia is very important in retail and, as a result of the training, all of the qualified staff are now able to support customers who suffer from the condition.’

‘The course highlights that even our everyday tasks should involve taking extra time to support and every customer. It’s been a very rewarding qualification to gain vital customer care.’

Important work

Ian added: ‘The Alzheimer’s Society does such important work and Dementia Friends is a brilliant example of this. 850,000 people in the UK now suffer from dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over one million by 2025.

‘With the majority of people being affected by the condition, whether themselves or knowing someone else that does, the course is very important to ensure we can support every customer that comes through the door.

‘Our qualified team members are identifiable by their blue badges so you can be safe in knowing that you’re in good hands.’

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