Teams around Hertfordshire recently banded together over a weekend to celebrate the ‘Herts Contact Lens Big Fit’. The in-store event, held over 23-24 June was a summer themed soiree to bring to celebrate all things contact lenses.

It helped highlight the difference contact lenses can make for the wearer – especially in the summer months.

A word from the director

The North Finchley store celebrated by dressing up in bright, colourful colours, decorating the store with beach balls and summer themed props and baking treats for customers.

North Finchley Store Director, Ajay Patel says: ‘From being able to play sport without the worry of glasses, to the ease of applying make-up for a holiday party, and many things in between, contact lenses offer a range of benefits spectacles don’t.

‘The Herts Contact Lens Big Fit really helped to bring this to light. It was great to chat to some of our customers who had never considered wearing contact lenses before. I believe they can truly be life-changing for many who have sight problems.’

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