An Edinburgh office worker has thanked staff at the North Bridge store for swiftly identifying a detached retina in her eye and referring her to The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion for emergency surgery.


Carole Littlejohn, a 54-year-old corporate events planner had assumed that the appearance of dancing light spots in her vision were the early signs of a migraine after a particularity busy working week.


A fortnight later those initial light spots had developed into a shadow over her left eye. At this point she decided to seek professional advice from her local Specsavers in North Bridge, located round the corner from her office.


Things progressed quickly

Carole Littlejohn, says: ‘Two weeks after that suspected migraine, I noticed a shadow had appeared in my vision. It was then that I decided that I had delayed a visit to Specsavers long enough. I was seen by Jennifer Ballantyne, who quickly diagnosed that I was suffering from a detached retina and referred me to The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion. Within two hours I was admitted to hospital and had emergency surgery the following morning to save my eye sight.


‘Post-surgery I have perfect vision in my left eye, something that I owe to Jennifer for her professionalism, calm manner and quick thinking and the surgeons at the eye pavilion that ultimately saved my sight. The aftercare that Jennifer has provided me since surgery has also been fantastic and for which I give thanks. 


‘My advice to anyone out there who experiences a change in their eyes, even if they are tempted to brush it off, would be to contact an opticians immediately and get it checked out.’


A note from the director

Jennifer Ballantyne, Optometrist Director at Specsavers North Bridge, says: ‘Upon examining Carole’s eye, it quickly became clear to me that the retina in her left eye was severely detached. After explaining my diagnosis and next steps, I contacted The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion for an emergency referral. Carole was very lucky that she came into the store when she did, had her retina been left untreated the damage could have been irreversible.


‘Anyone who notices a change in their vision or who has any concerns about their sight, should always seek professional advice for an accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment to rule out anything serious. Many eye ailments are progressive but damage can often be mitigated by early detection. When it comes to eye health, it is always safer never to delay.’