We received the below letter of thanks from a customer who came to us with black spots in her vision - indicating a detchaed retina.

We are delighted to hear she is now well.

To Specsavers Northampton,

I noticed a little black object moving in my left eye. I removed my contact lens but it remained there. I never paid it any more attention until the next day when I was due to collect a pair of funky glasses from Specsavers.

Prior to leaving my office I mentioned this thing in my eye to a colleague. She said I should ask you to look at it while I was collecting my glasses. On arriving at Specsavers for my 10.40 appointment I mentioned to Kerrie I had this thing in my eye. Kerrie did not show any sign of urgency but calmly found me an optician.

I happened to look at my watch and Kerrie asked was I pushed for time. I was getting my phone out to see what appointments I had booked in. However, this was the crucial moment as part of me could have just asked to collect my funky glasses and leave as I was very excited to be going home to my family and I wanted to show them off! However, Kerrie stood firm without me even realising and gently insisted I see the optician. This all took a matter of minutes.

I was then examined by Mitesh who delivered the devastating news that my retina had become detached and would need urgent surgery to save my sight. I was so shocked, scared and alone. I burst into tears, not knowing what to do next. Mitesh was giving me directions to A and E and through my tears I explained that I had no idea where that was as I work away from home during the week. He quickly got Kerrie who walked me to the A and E department. I was told I would need to go to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford where I would undergo surgery.

My husband and I drove the hour long journey during which lots of thoughts were running through my mind and one of those was Kerrie. If Kerrie had not been there with her determination, I almost certainly would have lost my sight in my left eye.

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