Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 35 years old and have been qualified for 8 years as an optometrist and I now work part time, I have 4 children who keep me very busy outside of work.

How did you come to work at Specsavers in Norris Green?

I did my pre-registration period with Specsavers and I have worked for Specsavers ever since in various stores around the North-West. I have been at Norris Green store for 5 years.

Do you wear specs, and if so, what is your favourite style?

Yes I wear specs for most things, I prefer plastic frames in neutral colours, I also wear contact lenses occasionally.

Which frames are the most popular with customers?

The most popular frames at the moment are the Nicole Fahri range, there's lots of choice within this range.

What does your job at Specsavers involve?

I am an optometrist, so I will test my customers eyes, checking their eye health and prescribing glasses if required and making the right suggestions of lenses depending on their lifestyle and work.

What is the best part of your role?

I love my job because I get to meet lots of different people everyday, and I enjoy helping them and solving their sight problems. 

Why is it so important to get your eyes checked regularly?

Many eye health problems don't have symptoms, they are only found by a thorough check of the health of the eyes, so it is crucial we all get our eyes checked regularly.

What additional services do you provide at the store? 

 We provide a Glaucoma referral refinement service and will soon provide a cataract post-operative check up service too.

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