Local people living in or near Newquay with glaucoma will receive more support at Specsavers now all team members from receptionists up have completed a new glaucoma training initiative.

Nationwide training initiative

The training announcement was made during this year’s World Glaucoma Week and is being rolled out across Specsavers stores nationwide.

Avoiding sight loss with extra help

Often symptomless in its early stages, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible sight loss. It is thought to affect 700,000 people in the UK today, but as many as 50% of cases are undiagnosed.

One drop at a time

In conjunction with the International Glaucoma Association, Specsavers has developed the training for all team members to help people with their treatment, specifically how to effectively administer eye drops, which are crucial for managing the condition.

A word from the director

Optometrist and store director Steve Morris said: ‘Being able to better support our customers with glaucoma is a really positive development for our team and we are very proud that everyone has taken part in this training.’

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