Half of a group of 16 school children in Newport who had never visited an opticians before were found to need glasses after being given a free eye examination.

First-time eye test

Staff from Maindee Primary School contacted Specsavers on Spytty Road to ask if the pupils, aged seven to 11 years old, could have their eyes tested for the first time.

Mrs Preece of Maindee Primary School accompanied the pupils who were greeted by optometrist, Nick Campbell. The children were also given goody bags to take away with them.

‘Screening for Schools’

‘We are always championing the importance of looking after your eye health, so when we heard that some of the younger local children had never had a sight test, we wanted to help,’ says the store’s community champion Maggie Aizlewood.

‘It is recommended that children have regular eye tests from the age of three and then every two years after that. At Specsavers, we know that it is quite rare for children to complain about their vision because they don’t know how well they should be able to see, which only reinforces how important it is to have your eyes tested in line with recommended guidelines.

‘To help make sure that every child of school age in Newport has had their vision screened, Specsavers is rolling out its ‘Screening for Schools’ campaign whereby online vision screening software is available, free of charge, to all of our local schools.

‘The three minute test has been designed to be operated by teachers and other school staff or volunteers, and generates a report for parents and guardians to help them make informed decisions about their child’s eyes.’

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