High standards of customer service and professionalism are two main qualities Specsavers stores pride themselves on. 

Prompt and reassuring

The team at Newmarket are no different and were recently praised for showcasing these important traits by a customer who was referred on to them for their expertise.

The customer  who visited the store in April, said: ‘Many thanks to optometrist David Hill and the team at Newmarket who gave a first class service recently when I was having some eye problems. 

‘I was referred to the store for Posterior Vitreous Detatchment (PVD) and the examination was thorough, professional, prompt and reassuring.’

Joyce, Newmarket

At Specsavers we always strive to provide the highest level of customer service and care so it’s great to receive such positive feedback from our customers. If you’ve had an experience which you’d like to share, please visit our online feedback page.

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