Meet 25 year old Glasgow girl Orla Gray, who is currently an optometrist at Specsavers Newlands. Orla has been with Specsavers for almost four and a half years, and started working with the team whilst in her third year at Glasgow Caledonian University studying for a degree in Optometry.

What made Orla chose Optometry

Orla said: ‘When I was younger I always knew that I wanted to do something that was both practical and medical and involved me working in an environment with people. I have also always liked the idea of learning a specific skill which could be then be applied to benefit and help others in some way.

‘I have worn spectacles since I was in primary five at school and I always found it really fascinating that the lenses in my glasses were able to make me see so much clearer. I then started wearing contact lenses when I started secondary school which amazed me even further.’

Why Orla loves her job

Orla explained: ‘I love that my job involves me interacting with and meeting different people every single day and allows me to help people when they come into store. As simple as it seems, it is great to be able to help someone see a lot clearer than they did before coming in for their eye test.

‘I also get real job satisfaction when I refer someone to their local GP or to the ophthalmologist for a health or eye problem. I love knowing that I have helped that person in some way by identifying the health or eye problem to be investigated further.’

Orla’s personal interests

In her spare time, you can find Orla doing something sporty such as Pilates, playing football or enjoying the great outdoors with Wilbur, her yellow Labrador. If she isn’t doing one of these then Orla will be relaxing watching a good TV programme or movie.

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