Meet 21 year old Glasgow girl, Heather Cunningham, the dispensing supervisor at Specsavers Newlands.

Heather started working in the store in 2013 and is due to start her pre-registration year in a few months once she has graduated in 2018.

Why Heather choose optometry

Heather explains that whilst she was in high school she loved physics and biology.

She knew that she wanted to progress into a career that combined the two subjects as well as a role that involved helping people in some way.

Heather was then accepted to do a placement within Nuffield private healthcare, where she met various optometry lecturers from Glasgow Caledonian University, where she currently studies.

Whilst on her placement within Nuffield, Heather won a Gold Crest Award for her research, which helped encourage her to go straight from school to study optometry at Glasgow Caledonian, where she is now in her final year.

Why Heather loves her job

Heather says: ‘I can’t believe that I have been working for Specsavers for almost four years now.

'I am really lucky to be a part of such a great company that has given me a great opportunity to be able to progress my career. I also work with a wonderful team in store, who I learn from daily.

'It really makes all the difference and I genuinely enjoy coming to work each day as a result.

‘I knew that I wanted to be involved in a career that meant I was helping people in one way or another. I find it a really rewarding job and love that collectively as a team we are able to improve the quality of life within the local community.’

Heather’s hobbies

In her spare time Heather enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and she also plays the violin. Heather enjoys travelling as she loves exploring different places and experiencing different cultures.

Most recently, Heather spent time volunteering in South Africa on the Phelophepa Train of Hope within the eye clinic, testing eyes and screening for eye diseases for those in need.

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