Just under a third of drivers tested at the Nottinghamshire County Show could fail their driving test if they re-took it due to poor eyesight. 
Employees from Specsavers attended the show at Newark showground and screened more than 75 drivers by testing their peripheral vision and distance perception, which are crucial for safe driving.
A vision screener machine uses a series of simple visual reaction and perception tests and is a dependable marker of the condition of a person’s eyesight, identifying any possible weaknesses. 
1 in 3 drivers did not meet the recommended standard for driving 
Nearly one in three visitors who participated in the free screening tests did not meet the minimum recommended standard for driving. These thirty drivers would need a full eye examination and glasses or contact lenses to drive safely. Of this 30%, six drivers had never had an eye test. 
Sarbjeet Soar, store director, said: ‘It’s alarming that 30% of the drivers we screened could potentially fail their driving test due to poor eyesight, and especially worrying that six had never had a sight test. It is important for customers, especially drivers, to have regular eye examinations so that we can spot any problems before they get worse and advise on the most suitable corrective eyewear.’
The Drive Safe initiative, supported by national road safety charity Brake, is one of the ways Specsavers in Newark is working with the local community to raise awareness of the importance of eyecare.