Having served the community for over eight years, Specsavers staff in Musselburgh recognise that not everyone’s eye health needs are the same.

The store boasts a range of services to help customers find the right eyecare – whether that be glasses or contact lenses – while still being affordable.

The store is also proud to be a registered stockist of frames designed specifically for children and adults with Down’s syndrome.

We can help
People with Down’s syndrome can have difficulty in finding glasses that fit them properly, as they generally have a flatter bridge and a shorter distance from their ears to the front of the face. This can lead to glasses slipping off, causing discomfort and damage to their overall eye health.

Determined to find a solution, Specsavers has tried and tested a number of frames, and has now introduced Better Fit Eyewear’s Erin’s World Frames.

Erin’s World Frames can be adapted to suit every single person’s unique needs.

The perfect fit

With a lowered bridge and an extra wide front, the frames are perfect for adults and children with Down’s syndrome. They are also super strong, made from titanium and memory metal which gives a flexible bridge and sides that spring out 180 degrees – providing much needed protection from life’s everyday bumps and knocks.

Regular customer to the store, Anne Whitehead, was made aware of the frames in October 2013 after seeing an article in the Down’s syndrome Scotland newsletter, and was quick to contact Specsavers to find out if these would be suitable for her brother, James Davies, who had needed glasses for over 30 years but had struggled to find the perfect pair for his needs.

She said: ‘Having Down’s syndrome, James has a narrow bridge, so no matter what type of glasses he wore, they always slipped down his nose and we constantly had to have them adjusted.

When I read about Erin’s World glasses I knew I had to find out more. I approached Specsavers in Musselburgh who promised to source some glasses for James to try on.

The staff were very helpful and we were delighted to find that the glasses fit him perfectly – he now has Erin’s World reading and distance glasses that fit him perfectly, don’t fall down his nose, and he looks and feels so much better.

Anyone who has Down’s syndrome or who has a family member with it should pay a visit to Specsavers in Musselburgh to find out more about the glasses and if they would suit your needs.’

Catering to every individual customer

Diana Kelly, store director at Specsavers in Musselburgh, said: ‘Every patient that comes through our doors has a unique set of needs, and our staff are dedicated to providing the best solution for maximum comfort, and affordability.

As a stockist of Erin’s World Frames, we are expanding our service offering massively to cater to those who have problems with regular frames.

Feedback from our customers has already been hugely positive and we are delighted to be helping patients and families from Musselburgh and beyond find their bespoke eye care solution.’

As a registered stockist, patients can visit the store on High Street to view the samples, and then a qualified optician can measure up the patient to find out what their unique needs are.

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