Thanks to the generosity of local people, staff and their families, the Morriston team has collected donations for the Salvation Army.

A difficult season

Caroline O’Connor-Podmore, an optical assistant at the Specsavers store on Woodfield Street, led efforts to encourage much-needed donations for the Salvation Army, a charity which helps those who are struggling financially to support themselves and their families.

Items collected at the store’s donation drop-off point included pasta, tinned food, nappies, razors, teabags and more, which Caroline took to the food bank on Morfydd Street ready for the school summer holidays.

The Salvation Army is an international movement known for its work supporting people with disabilities, criminal offenders, old and young people and those with drug or alcohol problems. It also provides food and shelter for people who are homeless and operates centres for food distribution.

Caroline says: ‘The Salvation Army provides a place where anyone is welcome and offered help. Many families who struggle financially day-to-day find summer one of the toughest times of the year, second to Christmas, because there is additional pressure to entertain their children while they are off school. The Salvation Army offers help to anyone in need, not just those with children, which is why we’re pleased to support.

‘We were blown away by everyone’s generosity and proud our staff, families and members of the community made such an effort for a worthwhile cause.’

Taking the pressure off

Wyn James, director of Specsavers Morriston, adds: ‘Caroline has done a fantastic job of rallying the troops and getting an impressive number of donations. I’m sure many families will be grateful for her efforts and the donations over the next coming weeks.’

Kristen Lumm, a member of the Morriston Salvation Army, adds: ‘We’ve been based on Morfydd Street for some time now and continue to be in demand, often staying open much later than our opening times because of the need for our service. Thanks to the donation from Specsavers Morriston, we can help take the pressure off some people and hopefully help put a spring back in their step.’

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