Specsavers in Morningside has reaffirmed its commitment to providing eye health and education to the local community by sponsoring a nursery to take part in a sensory workshop.

The store will sponsor children from South Morningside Nursery to receive an interactive workshop from animal handling experience and lifelong learning company, ZooLab.

Active learning

The sensory workshop’s aim is to develop the children’s understanding of the science behind all sensory experiences through active learning, including introducing them to different animals such as tarantulas and bearded dragons.

Michael O’Kane, director of Specsavers in Morningside, said: ‘Educating children from a young age about the importance of their senses is extremely important in their development.

Importance of eye health
‘Eye health and clear vision is important at any age, but particularly when a child is still developing. They accomplish as much of 80% of learning through sight during their first 12 years, so it is vitally important that they are educated from a young age in taking care of their sight.

Children should undergo their first eye-test at around three years old, as waiting until after your child has started school might hamper their learning development and makes it harder to correct any vision problems that may have developed.’

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