Recently, staff at Morningside have completed a training course developed with The National Autistic Society to help support customers with autism.

A note from the Morningside Manager

Joe Alubaid, operations manager at Specsavers Morningside, said: 'The training opened my eyes to the challenges autistic people and their carer’s experience and at Specsavers Morningside, we are introducing modifications for the patient journey to help with this.

‘There are many different forms of autism, and by gaining a greater understanding of our client’s needs we can make the experience more enjoyable and stress free.

‘Through our close association with the Royal Blind School we already had lots of experience with children with learning difficulties and physical impairments, but we are always striving to improve our customers journey and this course has helped towards that goal.’

Understanding Austism

The initiative, which is being rolled out across Specsavers stores nationwide, aims to build the team’s knowledge about the lifelong developmental disability, while helping to improve the customer experience for people with autism, and their carers.

The online learning modules cover understanding autism; communicating with people with autism; how autism can impact the senses, and adjustments that stores can make.

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