Specsavers Morningside has come to the rescue of a local woman who lost her glasses.

Specsavers Morningside store director Michael O’Kane spotted a flyer on a lamp post in Bruntsfield Place one evening from Julie Lacome who lost her glasses, and instantly called her to offer a shiny new pair for free.

Michael said: ‘As soon as I saw Julie’s flyer I knew we could help so I immediately reached out and booked her in for an appointment at the Morningside store.

‘Losing your glasses is such an inconvenience so we were only too happy to replace them.’

Shiny new designer glasses 

Julie selected Boss Orange designer glasses with extra thin aspheric lenses with light reaction and new super clean ultra-clear coating, which would have cost £238.

Julie said: ‘I was very upset when I lost my glasses so was thrilled when Michael called offering to replace them for free. The service I received at Specsavers was incredible so thank you to the staff for all their help.’

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