Contact lenses can be a fantastic alternative to spectacles for people who want the freedom to be more active whilst enjoying crystal clear vision, or to just be liberated from their spectacles for certain situations; like dining out or commuting in the rain.

New advances in technology mean people who could not previously wear lenses can now swap their spectacles in favour of contacts – even varifocal wearers.

The ever advancing technology of soft lenses and treatments like Orthokeratology means that more people than ever are using contact lenses - even those with very dry eyes, astigmatism or just problems seeing things at near due to age.

Top tips

Here, Michael O’Kane, store director, Specsavers Morningside gives a few simple do’s and don’ts to get the most out of your soft contact lenses.

• First and foremost, always follow the advice of your optician on what type of lenses you should wear and how often to change them. This advice is based on your eyes, using the latest equipment and clinical guidelines. Don’t wear them for longer than is recommended, as this could harm your eyes.

• It is also vital to remember you should never let your lenses come into contact with tap water. It is not sterile and contains organisms that can cause serious infections. Only your tears and any drops or solutions recommended by your optician should touch your lenses.

• Remember to take out your contact lenses before showering, sleeping or swimming; unless explicitly advised otherwise by your optician.

• When putting in your lenses, get into the routine of handling the same lens first to avoid confusing the right and left lenses. • Regular check-ups (which differ from an ‘eye examination’) are important for all contact lens wearers – if a contact lens becomes too loose or too tight, long-term problems can develop.

• The Specsavers Morningside branch (Finalists in the UK-wide “Opticians Awards 2018 for Technology Practice of the Year”) now offers Myopia Control Lenses for the children of parents who worry about them inheriting their short sightedness. This has been shown to reduce the child’s overall prescription when they are an adult by up to half that which it would have been.

• The Morningside branch also offers Orthokeratology, an advanced and safe treatment which allows you to have your eye scanned in 3D, a custom-made contact lens manufactured unique to you which is then slept in each night, reshaping your cornea and enabling you to have clear vision all day without spectacles or contact lenses. (not suitable for all prescriptions)

Remember, it’s always possible that, thanks to advancing technology, a new lens more suited to your eyes and lifestyle may have become available; so never be afraid to ask.

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