Specsavers in Morley customers will now receive top styling advice from staff who have completed a new glasses styling course, accredited by the London School of Styling.

People buying glasses from Specsavers on Windsor Court will now receive a personalised shopping experience from in-store style expert, Stacey Varley who has completed the Frame Perfection course. The accredited frame stylists will get to know their customers’ needs and preferences and use this information, along with their knowledge of styles, face shapes and colouring, to guide their final choices.

Store director Pratik Patel said: ‘At Specsavers Morley we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent customer experience and this allows us to offer a more personalised service. Stacey was already skilled at helping our customers choose the right frames for them but the course has given him/her more confidence to talk about trends and give customers advice to suit their own style.’

The course is a hands-on one-day workshop designed to improve frame-styling skills and confidence so staff can give bespoke styling advice to customers. The course covers the impact of trends and how to give the best advice to customers based on their face shape and colouring. All delegates are awarded a certificate from the London School of Styling.

London School of Styling founder Carly Brook said: ‘London School of Styling has happily endorsed the brilliant Frame Perfection training because it is a fantastic reaction to what today's frame-wearing customer wants.

'Today's consumer across all age groups, is more influenced by social media, celebrities the internet and trends than ever before. Understanding what the customer is influenced by style wise and having basic styling skills can make a massive difference in being able to serve your customers style needs effectively.’

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