A Montrose great-granddad went for his first eye test in more than 20 years and discovered he was suffering from a potentially sight-threatening condition, glaucoma.
Having not felt he needed an eye test, Bill Duncan last visited an optician in the 1980s and relied on cheap glasses for reading. However, he was keen for a pair of varifocals so when an advert for Specsavers came on the television he decided to book an appointment. 
Had the married dad-of-two not gone an eye-test he could have suffered serious complications.
Bill says: ‘I didn’t think there would be anything wrong my eyes – I just wanted to get an eye test and get some stronger glasses for reading.’
It was during his eye test that the optician, Bridgeen Johnston, became concerned about the pressure behind Bill’s eye and called Ninewells Hospital, in Dundee, who agreed to see him on the same day. 
Bill and his wife, Liz, had planned on going for a drive that afternoon but instead she drove him to hospital. After further tests, Bill underwent laser surgery in both eyes and has to return every three months for check-ups. 
He says: ‘It feels like I have new eyes, it’s amazing that I didn’t realise how bad my eyesight was until now. My eyes have deteriorated quite quickly over the last year and I was told that if I hadn’t gone for an eye test when I did the glaucoma would have developed and caused me serious issues. 
‘I didn’t have any symptoms or warning signs which shows just how important going for regular eye tests are. I will certainly be going to Specsavers from now on as the staff were brilliant with me, exceptionally good.’
Bill, who lives in Stracathro, is a retired dental technician and has two children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 
High pressure behind the eye
Bridgeen, optometrist at Specsavers Montrose, says: ‘I am pleased that Mr Duncan came into see me when he did as the pressure behind his eyes was worryingly high.
‘During his eye test it became apparent that there was an issue and that it needed to be investigated further. It’s vital that the glaucoma was caught quickly in order for it to be treated before it caused permanent damage. 
‘It’s great to hear that Mr Duncan’s eyesight has improved as a result of the surgery and his story emphasises that eye tests can pick up all kinds of problems, not just how well a person can see.’