A customer who turned to Specsavers after visiting another opticians has thanked staff for their caring service.

Looking for advice

The customer said: 'I had something in my eye for three hours on Saturday morning and had tried to get it out. I was in a lot of discomfort - it hurt to even shut it like I would normally do if I have something in it. I decided the only thing was to see if an optician could have a quick look and offer some advice.

'After visiting another opticians, which showed no flexibility or empathy, I went straight to Specsavers. The shop was full, with all the seats taken with people queuing up to see the optician. The busy optical assistant couldn't have been nicer - she was caring and considerate.

Care for customers

‘She explained that they were very busy but she would ask the optician if he could see me at some point, which he said he would. A customer budged up on his chair so I could sit down as I was in quite a lot of pain. As I relaxed, I took a moment to get my contact out and lift my eyelid, rolled my eyeball about looking for whatever it was and managed to dislodge it. So the optician didn't need to see me after all.

‘As a result, I will be keeping my services at Specsavers, where they show that they do care about their customers.

‘Thank you at Specsavers Monmouth.’

At Specsavers we always strive to provide the highest level of customer service and care so its great to receive such positive feedback from our customers. If you've had an experience you'd like to share please visit our online feedback page.

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